Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Service Marketing USA?

Service Marketing USA has been helping local businesses thrive since 2008. We deliver live, exclusive, phone calls to the home repair service industry.

How do I get started?

To get started, click here to watch this video and then book an appointment. We will answer all your questions to get you started.

How do the phone calls work?

We forward live phone calls to you while the customer is on the line. If you do not answer the phone, or your phone line is busy, our system sends you a text message on all calls so you never miss one. We strongly recommend you call them back within 2-3 minutes so that you do not lose the sale.

How do payments work?

This is ‘pay per call” so we deduct each valid repair call from your deposit. Once your balance runs low, we will notify you to recharge your account using our secure online order form. There are no other fees at all. We only charge you for each valid qualified call.

How do you determine which calls I will be billed for? What is a valid call?

We only charge for calls from people searching for your services. This includes people who are shopping around and asking for prices, but we would never charge your for a call from someone who is outside your service area, a job seeker, a marketing company or looking for anything that is not the service you offer.

Do you have any references?

Many of our clients have asked us to keep their information private. They were getting too many calls during business hours. That’s why with every new client, “we start small” so that you can experience the quality of our ‘live phone calls’ first-hand.

How many calls should I expect?

The number of calls you receive will vary depending on the services you offer and how densely populated is your service area. If your services have a seasonal nature to them, this can also affect the volume of calls. Once we know a bit more about your business and begin setting up your campaign, we can give you an estimate of what to expect.

Do you record calls?

Yes, all calls are recorded. We use “call tracking” numbers that seamlessly forwards all calls to you and tracks all the information related to the call: the caller ID, the phone number, the time and the call recording. You will have access to all call recordings.

What kind of reporting do I receive?

As a customer, you will have online access to all the call data through a login dashboard. You will have the caller ID, the phone number, the time and the call recording.

What if I miss a call?

You must have a system in place to answer the phone and to receive voice messages. To get the most out of our service, we strongly recommend you always answer the phone during business hours. We don’t want you to miss a potential sale.

How do you generate calls?

We target consumers primarily from Google. People who are searching for you using Google is a better customer ready to spend money. Google gets you a better-quality customer. Not only do they have the money, these are LIVE phone calls from people serious about hiring you for repair services.

Do you share my leads?

No, all calls are forwarded directly to you and are never shared with your local competitors. All calls are exclusviely delivered to you.

How do you determine pricing?

What you pay for each call will vary based on the services you offer, your geographical area, and the degree of competition in your area. Rest assured we offer the best price per phone call. You will get a good return on your investment.

Do you talk to the callers?

No, we do not speak to the callers. You must have a system of answering incoming phone calls and allowing prospects to leave voicemail. Our system sends you a follow-up text message reminder on all calls received to make sure you don’t miss any calls.

Can I pause my account temporarily?

Yes! You can pause your account and restart it as needed. Just contact us to pause the service and set a date on which you would like it to restart. If you wish to cancel at any time, we will refund whatever unsued balance is left in your account.